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Are middlemen and aggregators standing between you and the best rates from courier partners? Omniful is here to revolutionise your logistics experience.

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But you find yourself dealing with challenges:

Logistics rates are becoming increasingly volatile, making it challenging for eCommerce and retail companies to secure the best deals. With multiple entities involved in the supply chain – brands, aggregators/middlemen, and courier partners – there's a lack of clear visibility on prices. In such a scenario, it`'s crucial for brands to bypass middlemen and connect directly with logistics partners to ensure transparency and access the best rates.

Enter Omniful

End-to-End Shipment Puzzle Simplified

Our all-in-one solution brings managing orders, inventory, and couriers onto a single, intuitive platform, maximising efficiency and helping you reduce costs.

Negotiate Volume Discounts
Negotiate Volume Discounts:

Businesses can negotiate volume discounts directly with their logistics partners, ensuring cost savings and improved profitability.

Automated Weight Verification:
Automated Weight Verification:

Integrate your systems with logistics partners' APIs for automated weight verification, eliminating errors and ensuring accurate shipping.

Streamline Ticket Resolution:
Streamline Ticket Resolution:

Empower your customer service representatives with real-time shipment information from Omniful, allowing them to proactively address customer inquiries and issues, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Utilise Tracking & Monitoring Tools:
Utilise Tracking & Monitoring Tools:

Omniful's integration with logistics partners' tracking and monitoring systems provides businesses with real-time visibility into the shipping process, ensuring transparency and accountability every step of the way.

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