Omniful's Bulk Shipment Creation: Conquer Large Orders with a Single Click

Imagine managing numerous orders individually, manually creating shipments for each one. Time-consuming, tedious, and prone to errors. Omniful's Bulk Shipment Creation feature eliminates this struggle, allowing you to create multiple shipments simultaneously, saving time, effort, and ensuring efficiency in managing large order volumes.

Say goodbye to:

  • Repetitive tasks: Manually creating each shipment is a tedious process, wasting valuable time and resources.
  • Human errors: Manual data entry can lead to mistakes in addresses, labels, or shipment details.
  • Inefficient order management: Handling large orders individually becomes cumbersome and hinders overall workflow.


  • Effortless bulk creation: Select multiple orders and create shipments for all of them in a single click, streamlining your process.
  • Reduced errors: Automated data population minimizes errors and ensures consistency in shipment details.
  • Increased efficiency: Save time and resources by batch processing large volumes of orders, boosting productivity.
  • Improved accuracy: Automated processes minimize human error and ensure accurate shipment information.

Benefits Beyond Time Savings:

  • Improved scalability: Easily handle growing order volumes without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Enhanced order fulfillment: Streamline your fulfillment process for faster delivery times.
  • Reduced shipping costs: Negotiate better rates with carriers for bulk shipments.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Faster fulfillment and accurate deliveries lead to happier customers.

Omniful's Bulk Shipment Creation is your secret weapon for conquering large order volumes. Take control of your order management, save time and resources, and delight your customers with efficient fulfillment. Start your free trial today!

Use Cases

  • In-Store Fulfilment
  • Quick-Commerce
  • Ship-from-store
  • Buy Online Pickup in Store
  • Buy Online Return in Store
  • Omni channel Customer Service
  • Tax E-Invoicing

Who Is It For?

  • Omnichannel Retailer
  • D2C Brand
  • Fulfillment Provider